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Services we provide

Residential Moving

What do you think about residential relocation? With us, you will get a unique solution. Where you are not getting the solution of what to do, we can provide the solution very easily. If you want to shift from a 3+ room house to a 1-room house, we can do it on your behalf very easily and dutifully; you can trust us.

Whether you need help moving or packing your expensive furniture, our friendly team will gladly take care of it at no extra charge. Our staffs are friendly and dutiful in their demeanor.

Moving house is a very troublesome task. And this time there is a lot of work and restless time goes. Especially if you go to an entirely new state or area, there is more trouble in that case. Contact our Express Line Cargo moving company in Hamilton to get rid of this hassle and worry, which will give you relief.

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Commercial Moving

Commercial Moving

Are you looking to move commercial? Need labour for an office or warehouse move? Need help moving your packing supplies? We can do it very easily. Our friendly team is always ready to help you in every way. Our couriers handle fragile and fragile items with special care.

Our team is so careful that they cover all polished furniture with blankets. All fragile and antique items are packed in special boxes for safety and delivered with care.

The company provides services between

  1. Kaitaia to Invercargill
  2. Auckland to Hamilton
  3. Auckland to Tauranga
  4. Auckland to New Plymouth

Simply all over the North & South Island

Commercial Moving
Intercity Move

Express Line Cargo Movers based on the best movers in Hamilton, offers the best city-to-city services at affordable prices. And it's a very nice moving company. We are the best moving company in the country. We are providing the highest service in the country at a very low price.

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Corporate Relocation

What does corporate Relocation mean?

Corporate relocation is moving a business to a new location; our company is spread across the country or the street depending on when, where, how, and what you need. Our company is successful because your employees are happy in their new environment before you arrive. I will work with them, and they will feel relieved.

When relocating businesses, there are many types of tasks to be faced. For example, a moving company has to hire a moving company to transport goods. Temporary office space must be rented during relocation. The new location has to hire staff to manage operations. 

Once all these activities are completed, the company needs to be neatly arranged. Especially when the central office has to be shifted to its new headquarters, our company can do all these tasks smoothly and efficiently. How to pack up all the furniture and plan everything you can freely leave to our company. You can enjoy our work with great success.

How we can help you

We do corporate relocations and are ready to provide you with extra moving staff and packing boxes if needed. The specialty of our company is that our skilled staff takes exceptional care of fragile and antique items. Our team covers these items with blankets. All fragile and antique items are specially packed separately for safety to prevent any damage to the furniture.

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Packing & Unpacking

Packing & Unpacking 

If you contact us, we will advise you on how to pack all your items. But if you can't pack it, don't worry. Our friendly team will help you to the maximum. Our staff will take your furniture from packing to disassembly and assembly free of charge, and even the packing boxes we provide are free. Our staffs will complete all these tasks for you very efficiently. We offer packing services as part of our full-service moving offer. Please request a quote for that!.

Inter Island Moving

Small Pick-ups and Deliveries

Among all the moving services in New Zealand, our Express Line Cargo movers in Hamilton are famous. We have been providing services in all the major cities in New Zealand with dedication and responsibility.

Our services cover the major cities and areas of the North Island such a way we move seamlessly. Also, a special attractive aspect of our company is that we offer overnight moving services at discounted rates.

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Are you worried about moving your furniture or essentials? Feel free to contact us in confidence for a free quote at your convenience. For hassle-free moving, and to get your quote call us 24*7

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